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Why should you choose an independent agency like Lloyd's of Munhall?

We have a fully staffed office of insurance professionals with a combined insurance experience of over 60 years in the insurance industry, giving us a level of expertise that many others just can't provide. We offer a broad array of insurance companies, which enables us to bring our customers more choices to fit your needs and budget. As an independent agency, we can decide which company has the best products and the right fit for your needs we are not saddled by being a one-company agency. Finally, during normal business hours you will always get to talk to someone, as we take pride in answering the phones at Lloyd's of Munhall. No call centers here - we want to talk to our customers! 

Our Strengths:

Our reputation in the industry and our knowledge of the insurance marketplace helps our clients take advantage of new developments and the latest coverage being offered in the market today. Just a few years ago, service line protection and equipment breakdown wasn't being offered on many homeowners policies but it's becoming an expected offering with many of our companies. On the business side, we provide coverage that wasn't even considered by most companies and/or non-profits such as; cyber protection, employment practice liability, including discrimination, sexual harassment, and more. 

What makes us different?

At Lloyd's of Munhall, we are not in the business of "just selling policies" to our clients. We take a genuine personal interest in you, and want you to succeed.  Our work is to help you identify the coverage you need, at a price you can afford. We try to build long term relationships with our clients - relationships built on trust and based on our experience. All we know about money matters matters! That said, we point out coverage deficiencies our clients may have and give them the opportunity to cover them before disaster strikes.

As consumers, none of us want to wreck the car, have a kitchen fire, or have a cyber breach, but unfortunately it happens. Hopefully we helped you to anticipate the bad things so you have "DAILY PIECE OF MIND" knowing that you are well protected by a well thought out risk assessment that was done in advance. That's what we do! 

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